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At Cal Security Enterprises we focus on helping you prevent the dangers of burglaries, Theft and Accidents that can affect the sense of your vulnerability.  All of this because we want to provide you with the UPMOST security and PEACE OF MIND.

We offer security solutions for your doors and windows with a Newly System already patented internationally.



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Today many are confident that burglaries and accidents happen to others and not to them. Most of these people do not have their homes well protected, very few are well protected using the right tools.

The cal double bolt lock turned a burglary into and attempted burglary


Easy installation easy to use didn’t install for child but rather to prevent my dad with dementia from getting out! Works like a charm.

Annie S.

Installed on a floor second condo. I have used these locks for years installing them on my home, my kids homes, my wife’s customers homes..(she’s a realtor). Recently moved to a condo on the second floor put them on all 5 of my sliding glass doors, this time not to keep people out but to keep the little grand kids off the balconies unsupervised. When I recently ordered these there was only 3 locks left so I ordered them, but somehow USPS broke open the package and one lock got lost. This shop owner quickly sent me the replacement lock even though they will probably not get reimbursed by the postal service. Because of their customer service I purchased the 2 remaining locks from this company.

Robert B.

I have looked for years for a lock that looked good and was secure enough for me to remove the stick I place on the floor in the door. This one does the trick. It is easy to install with a drill and looks fantastic. Goodbye ugly stick!

Kristian M.

Installed on outside track moving sliding door. I’ll be putting another one on the other inside track door I have.

Brandon P.

This is great and install was super easy. needed a lock up high to keep kids from opening our slider randomly (losing a/c or heat or even the kid!). it looks good too, i am so glad we found this, get it!

Jerry A.

Better than any sliding door lock I’ve seen. I cannot see any way to defeat this lock.

Roger L.

Provided added security to sliding doors, both for security and child proofing access to the pool. Seller was very responsive when I needed an extra bracket and shipped it fast.

Margaret F.


I have found the CAL Double Bolt Lock to be an excellent and practical solution for my sliding doors and windows. I feel calm when I am away from home because I feel safe with a double latch and an additional key.

Liliana Castro

I just installed these locks on my sliding doors today. It is very easy to do and they give me peace of mind because they are very secure! If I can install them, anyone can.

Linda Stone Clark

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